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Head Protector Backpack

Head Protector Backpack

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More often than you may imagine, infants and young children tend to fall on their heads.

When infants are learning to sit up and walk, they may fall backwards and collide with the ground, which can be harmful to their fragile heads.

The unique headrest is designed to protect infants' heads in the event of a fall backwards. It attaches around the child's shoulders like a backpack and acts as a circular head protector to cushion the blow to the head when they fall.



Your baby's fall is adequately cushioned by our Backpack. Its shock-absorbing components provide parents and grandparents with reassurance. It protects your baby from falling with a cute, secure, and long-lasting backpack.

Features & Benefits

✓Maximum Security: Our product is designed to safeguard not only the head but also the back and neck of babies when they start crawling and walking, thus reducing the chances of injuries in those areas.

✓Lightweight and Adorable Design: Is lightweight and puts minimal pressure on the baby's shoulders. The back protector pad has an appealing unique design that comes in different animal shapes.

✓Extra Soft: Soft cotton was used to make and fill this protection pad. Very breathable and silky!

✓Customized Fit: The shoulder straps of the cushion are adjustable for a customized fit. The chest strap can also be adjusted to the baby's needs. The back of the cushion is designed to conform to the baby's size and shape for maximum comfort.

✓Perfect Gift: This baby protective pillow is the perfect gift for new parents or for anyone with a baby learning to walk or crawl. Suitable for babies between the ages of 5-24 months, it makes a great and unique present.


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